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Celebrate Human Achievement!

March 29, 2009
The Mind is not a Vessel to be filled but a Fire to be Lighted

The Mind is not a Vessel to be filled but a Fire to be Lighted

I admit, I’m a complete skeptic about the current environmental religion.  The movement has cult-like overtones and when an individual expresses some concern or disagrees on a particular issue, they are excoriated by a host of hysterical harpies.

I am all for sensible conservation and stewardship of the environment in which we live.  However, once you begin infusing inanimate objects with “rights” and negatively impacting human welfare, I take a dim view.

So it was with some satisfaction I read about “Human Achievement Hour”.  This is in response to the U.N’s Earth Hour, where folks are supposed to turn off their lights and sit in the dark to highlight the Global Warming issue.  Or is it Climate Change now, or Global Cooling?  Eh, it will called whatever necessary to ensure people are fleeced and government power is increased.

So, if you would, please head over to the Human Achievement Hour site hosted by Competitive Enterprise Institute.  Take a look even if you don’t agree with my view, because you only know about this due to the endless potential of mankind.


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