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Media Mentions

Chicago Tribune February 2011 Antivirus Article

February 2011 Article on Free vs. Paid Anti-Virus. I am quoted on user behavior and its effect on security.

The Chicago Tribune published an article on paid versus free anti-virus products called “Scanning Anti-Virus Options“.  The article outlines the differences between and recommendations for anti-virus suites.

I am quoted in the bottom paragraph about user behavior.

Article on Customer Data Security Breaches by the Chicago TribuneColumbus, Indiana Newspaper The Republic
The LA Times Ran Piece on Customer Data Security Breaches 2010

I'm quoted in a Customer Data Security breach article about Gawker, McDonald's and Walgreens. It appeared in the Chicago Tribune, LA Times and The Republic in December 2010.

The Chicago Tribune published an article on the Gawker, McDonald’s and Walgreens customer data breach called “Security Breaches Highlight Need for Consumer Viligence“.  The article covers the personal information stolen from these large organizations and some strategies to combat this issue.

I am quoted in the piece stating that consumers need to cultivate a “healthy level of skeptism” when browsing the web, sharing personal data and using personal computing devices.  Many consumers do not understand the security risks that are out in the wild and how these could impact them negatively (Page 2, Paragraph 4).

The article was also published in the Los Angeles Times and The Republic. 10 Benefits of Business Intelligence Software

November 2010 eCRM Article on I contribute to a list of Business Intelligence Benefits., a sub-site of, has published my contribution to their article 10 Benefits of Business Intelligence Software.

I make the point that BI solutions can add to the bottom line by determining customer purchasing habits.  Capital One built their business model on this premise (Point 4, Page 1).

I get more specific on how Manufacturers can fine tune their profitability with BI by tracking manufacturing costs on a granular level (Point 8, Page 2).

Data Driven, People Focused November 2010

November 2010 Social Work Today. Contributed to Data Driven, People Focused Article.

Social Work Today, a professional publication for the continuing education of social workers, published my contribution to their article Data Driven, People Focused“.

In the article I speak to the prevalence of technology, particularly software, in the social work space.  Also, I touch on the impact and issues that must be considered when attempting to implement technological solutions.  Finally, I mention why stakeholders within the social work sphere are leveraging technology to meet business needs.

My contribution begins on the fifth paragraph of the linked article and on page 7 of the print edition.

Hard Choices for Software Spending

IndustryWeek for October 2010. Contributed to an article on Software Spending.

IndustryWeek Magazine, a publication that targets manufacturing decision-makers, published my contribution to their article “Hard Choices in Software Spending”.

I discuss the current trend of CIOs utilizing their technology assets to drive corporate profitability.  This is a shift from considering information technology as only a cost-center.

My contribution begins on page two, second paragraph in the linked article.

Amednews published by the American Medical Association

September 13, 2010 Issue of American Medical News. Contribution to IT and Medical Practices

American Medical News, an American Medical Association (AMA) publication, published my contribution to their article Practice IT Systems Require Regularly Scheduled Checkups“.

I provide guidance on what medical practices should consider when engaging an IT vendor.  Also, I discuss some of the top areas of concern that need to be addressed by physicians in their practices, with an emphasis on security.

My contributions begin on the fourth paragraph and continue throughout the article.

Processor September 2010 Issue

Processor September 2010 issue. Published my contribution on IT-CMF.

Processor Magazine published my contribution to their article on Information Technology Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) in the September 2010 issue.

I discuss some tips on how to get user buy-in on IT-CMF as well as some of the stratgies that can be used in implementing this methodology.

My contributions are within the “Breaking It Down” and “Pick & Choose” sections of the article.

DTI September 2010 Issue Mike Meikle Contribution to Cyber War Article

DTI September 2010 Issue. Cyber War & Smart Grid vulnerabilities.

Defense Technology International issue on Cyber War published my contribution to Smart Grid vulnerabilities in their September 2010 publication.

I provide some scenarios on hackers attacking a Smart Grid installation.  Also I discuss some of the potential strategies behind these attacks and ways to mitigate the risks.

The article’s title is “Protecting Infrastructure”.  It begins on page 39 of this issue and my contribution picks up on page 40.

August 2010 Issue of Process for VOIP & UC Article

My contribution to the VOIP & UC article in the August 2010 Issue of Processor Magazine.

Processor Magazine published my contribution to their Voice Over IP (VOIP) and Unified Communications (UC) article in their August 2010 edition.

I provide input on the topic of “feature bloat” in VOIP functionality that can add additional licensing cost.  This cost can be “hidden” within the licensing agreement, reminicent of cell phone plan features that are never used.

Scroll down to “Going All-In On Features” to read my take on this issue.

FaaS Article in CTO Forum

FaaS Article Published in February 2010 CTOFORUM Magazine

CTOFORUM Magazine published my Fraud as a Service article in their February 21st, 2010 edition of their magazine.

This is a topic that I am going to continue to explore since the concept itself is fascinating. Why? Because the fraudsters are incorporating important business structures into their activities, while remaining agile and creative.  Unfortunately agile and creative for criminal activity.

Article on VDSS DOLPHIN Project in Washington Technology

Article on my project at Virginia Department of Social Services

Washington Technology article on the Virginia Department of Social Services DOLPHIN project.

I was a consulting project manager for VDSS at the time.  The project scope included a RFP all the way to implementation and maintenance.  A multi-million dollar software package was rolled out statewide to hundreds of adult and childcare service providers.

A challenging project, but in the end very rewarding.

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